Nobody Enjoys Stuffy, Polluted Air

Get restaurant ventilation services in Westlake or Lake Charles, LA

Whether you need your ventilation installed or repaired, we have you covered. D & D Refrigeration offers restaurant ventilation services in Westlake, LA and surrounding areas.

Ventilation systems force polluted air outside while pulling clean air inside. If your ventilation system isn't functioning properly, it could create a stuffy, uncomfortable environment for your customers and employees. Luckily, we can repair or replace your ventilation system in a jiffy.

You should schedule a ventilation system inspection right away if you're notice:

  • Condensation on windows
  • High humidity levels
  • Visible mold growth

Schedule commercial ventilation repair services by calling 337-478-9623 now.

Sign up for regular ventilation system maintenance

Sign up for regular ventilation system maintenance

D & D Refrigeration provides commercial ventilation repair and maintenance services in the Westlake, LA area. We recommend registering for a biannual planned service agreement to keep your ventilation system operating at maximum efficiency. During your ventilation maintenance checkups, we:

  • Will test your air ducts
  • Will re-seal your air ducts
  • Will re-insulate your air ducts
  • Can install a transfer grill or jumper ducts

Arrange for restaurant ventilation services by calling 337-478-9623 today.